Food & Menus

Food & Menus

General food philosophy   

At Arcadia nursery, we are very conscious of the importance of both providing healthy food within the nursery and also establishing healthy eating habits for the children to keep for life. 

Our menus are carefully planned in advance to provide fresh, wholesome and balanced meals and snacks. Special attention is paid to ensure that the optimal nutritional profile is provided for young children at this particularly crucial stage in their development.

The sharing of our wholesome meals in a well-mannered, happy environment plays an important role in the social life of the nursery. We use meal and snack times to help children to develop independence through making healthy choices, exploring a wide variety of foods and learning to feed themselves. Children are able to grow and prepare some of their own food.

Children’s medical, cultural and personal dietary requirements are fully respected. Before a child starts to attend the nursery, parents are asked to provide details about their child’s dietary needs, including any allergies. These will be incorporated into a child’s individual menu plans without any fuss.

We aim to work closely with parents to continually develop and expand our healthy eating policy in order to support a healthy lifestyle for life.