The good news is that children will receive a subsidy through our Partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council. This takes effect the term after your child’s third birthday and applying for this grant could give you up to £2,220 per year towards your childcare. More information can be found at: and

If eligible, we deduct this funding from your monthly fees as soon as we receive payment from the City of Edinburgh/Midlothain Council.

We also accept Childcare Vouchers from workplace salary sacrifice schemes which could save you more through reduced national Insurance contributions. Ask your employer for details. As soon as you are able to provide us with information on the scheme provider and the amount involved, then we will be able to reduce the fee we charge you directly each month by the same amount.

Students requiring financial assistance can apply to the Childcare Fund. There is no limit to the support that a student might be able to receive: Find out more on the University of Edinburgh website.