Arcadia Aims

Vision, Value and Aims

The Early Years Framework states:

"It is during our very earliest years and even pre-birth that a large pattern of our future adult life is set" (Scottish Government, 2008, p1)

At Arcadia Nursery we strive to provide high-quality experiences for the children in our care. We believe in working collaboratively with children and families to provide a high standard of care. We value the importance of parent feedback to continually improve our services, as well as recognising the valueable contribution of our staff team.

Through parent, staff and children's surveys, we worked to produce a set of values and aims which demonstrated everyone's contribution. We asked the parents and children what they liked most about Arcadia and used their feedback to shape our values and aims.

We believe our vision, values and aims will help us to work positively to ensure Arcadia Nursery provides a great start in life for the children in our care.